My name is Martynas. I am a software developer by profession and curious learner and hacker by nature.

Below is a humble list of fun projects I have worked on alone or in a team.

Zero Button Audiobook Player

based on Raspberry Pi and is controlled by NFC tags or HTTP requests YouTube GitHub Hack a Day

Marš Android App

for the most popular public transport portal in Lithuania Google Code Google Play YouTube

My Episode Guide

a Google Chrome extension used to track upcoming episodes of TV shows Chrome Web Store GitHub

a multiplayer save-the-world-every-108-minutes game inspired by the TV show "Lost" Homepage

C.A.T.S. Cooperative autonomous tracking system

doing serious networking, maths and engineering while playing with Lego Download YouTube

Hobby Fotography

trying to get surprising results using point-and-shoot cameras and sometimes a hacked CHDK firmware Picasa Web