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Slalom Championship

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This was originally posted on 2022-11-29 on Instagram

First round of Lithuanian Slalom Championship. Early May. Still cold and wet. It is raining since the last day. Lower grip is plenty here.

In short, this was a tough ride. Even after regular figurative driving training sessions, this was quite a challenging track. There were lots of corners where one either needs to plan very much ahead to fit the car in between the cones, or one needs to be very proficient with the handbrake.

Mastering weight transfer between the axles was key for efficient sharp turns. These skills were still lacking for me and last runs in the track were starting to get a bit frustrating.

Looking back to all of the championship rounds, this was definitely the hardest. Subsequent championship rounds were faster and did not require such high level of precise car control.

Photos @by_spyglius_photography