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Street Race Championship

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This was originally posted on 2022-12-08 on Instagram

Two weeks later after the first round of Lithuanian Slalom Championship we go to Lithuanian Street Race Championship. These series feature faster tracks. So less handbrake, and more gears.

The first round was outside of Varėna town. The track was organized on closed off roads. Lots of chicanes to not get too fast in the straights.

The surface was dry, but quite slippery in some places because of the dust. I could feel the car starting to oversteer in the long right-hander.

This was my first time driving the car in anger and in unknown conditions. You have 4 attempts, and all of them count. I was way too cautious in some parts of the track, and way too aggressive in others.

The largest lesson from this day was the variety of grip city roads can give you (or not).

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Videos by @ramunas_zilionis