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Three GR Yaris go on snow

· 2 min read

This was originally posted on 2022-02-09 on Instagram

Three GR Yaris come to a snowy track. Slides and drifts commence!

The night before this had plenty of fresh snowfall. The local test track did not have any events booked that day and were happy to welcome three GR Yaris to clear the snow for them.

Fresh snow and reasonably grippy surface underneath made it the perfect afternoon for a 4WD fun. For the first hour it was possible to keep a reasonable speed and join turns while drifting. But then we made ice on every turn, and it quickly morphed to a first gear show while trying not to spin.

I was running 225/40/18 Kenda KR27 on the front and Goodyear UGP+ on the back. Reason for different tires is a story for another day.

Was using 50/50 mode to keep the backend less nervous. However forgot to drop the tire pressure, which was the main reason for the aforementioned nervous backend.

Photos by @rokas_av