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Winter Track Day

· 2 min read

This was originally posted on 2022-02-23 on Instagram

Throwback to a month ago where @slalomoakademija organized Nemunas Ring winter track day.

Car handled superbly. There was so much grip going through corners at reasonably high speeds. I can only imagine where limits would be when driven by more capable hands.

There were plenty of other participats. This video shows one of them following me and then avoiding me while I was sliding out of the track and onto the gravel under the snow.

Organizers chose to have only one chicane at the start/finish straight. That meant only one larger braking zone, and only one place where surface quickly turned into ice.

Other parts of the track stayed grippy for almost two hours. Then some corners turned to ice. But ice quickly gave way to tarmac giving even more exit speed.

Best winter car experience hands down!

Photos by @rokas_av