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Winter tests on the buckwheat field

· 3 min read

This was originally posted on 2023-05-21 on Instagram

Back to four months ago when it was white and cold in Lithuania.

I was preparing for a road-trip to Sweden and wanted to test out the car with the "big spike" tires. We are really fortunate to have @petrassiauciunas who, if weather permits, does his magic by pouring water on the buckwheat farmland for a couple of nights and creates an ice track for everyone to enjoy. What is more, the track is on quite a hilly terrain. You can feel the weight of the car moving around when you go through the crests. Proper rally experience!

Susikurk savo pažintinį taką

· 2 min read

Pirmiausia noriu paminėti puikų projektą, kurio dėka esu atradęs daugybę įdomių pažintinių takų ar lankytinų vietų visoje Lietuvoje.

Tačiau Lietuvos gamta, esanti taip šalia, gali pavirsti pažintiniu taku ir be tako žymėjimo ar informacinės lentelės.

Šiuo noriu pasidalinti, kaip pasileisti į nuotykį savo apylinkėse su žemėlapiu rankoje.

Linux experience in macOS

· 7 min read

I am often switching between a MacBook and a Linux desktop. From time to time I invest a bit of energy to nudge MacBook UX to be more like the UX I have on my Arch Linux installation. I mostly use command line tools so common UX is not that far of a stretch.

This article will overview various tools that I have found useful for this task.